admin-ajax.phpLaura Gray is new media communications innovator. Her work strives to engage audiences through simplistic visual communication. She is a developer in the world of pictorial symbolism which communicates complex interactions on the second of sight. These leading edge applications have manifested through the scientific and social study of the user experience.

She lived, worked and studied last year at the Bauhaus Univerität in Weimar, Germany. From there she moved to Berlin where she encountered many inspirations that influence her current work and study.

Presently she is freelancing for local companies as a Producer for IdeaFood, a Print and Web Designer at DesignAhead, Amia, Friday Dogs Inc., and collaborates with CoCo, Minneapolis. She just ended a contract with Best Buy and is pursuing new avenues.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
CoCo Minneapolis
Johns Hopkins, Berman Institute of Bioethics
Public Radio International
Public Art Review
Best Buy Headquarters

AS, Brown College, Communications
BFA, MCAD Minneapolis, Web & Multimedia