BI App – Bauhaus International, AWARD WINNING

I studied abroad at the Bauhaus Uni for a semester and was asked to stay an extra semester by the communications chair to help finish developing this app for 60% of the college’s population (English Speaking International Students). I Accepted.

Miteinander Studieren in Thüringen AWARD

Thuringia Ministry for education, science, and culture (TMBWK): If you know German, here is the website explaining the award.

About Bauhaus International App

Together with the International Office, Bauhaus Internationals and The Weimar International Network we developed a digital platform that is a meeting point for all international students.

We developed an Application that turns the place of the Bauhaus-Universität, in Weimar, into an internationally and digitally connected space.

The App is intended to support international students during their first, busiest days in Weimar by facilitating an easy transitional experience. There is everything from registration to housing to using the German washing machines. This acts as a continuous companion during their stay in Weimar.

Students’ experiences, stories, networks, images, talks and information related to international studies at Bauhaus-University Weimar and worldwide will be accessible via the App.

No longer will students have to worry about not being able to find street signs or not making the Visa Office appointments. We included everything we learned by listening to current internationals’ personal experiences. We learned of the simple but annoying problems people encounter when moving to a completely new environment. We understood that there are so many different issues other than just the language barrier.

With this App, a student should now be able to enjoy their transitional experience, instead of worrying if they are missing something.


Wire Frames

Logo and Design Guidelines

BI_Logo logo_bauhausinternationals_process

Final Design 



Informational Posters

iPhone Forecast App From Public Art Review

The Problem:

Finding an application that can work for Artists as much as Curators while appealing to the mass public.

What the Application asks for from the client, Public Art Review

  • facilitate public art
  • designed for applicants, for people that will use forecast to facilitate their art
  • see documentation that the artist has done, video from vimeo (interviews, slideshows, contracts for download, see process, press clippings, facsimile’s, links to articles online, etc) , photos, stored from a cloud.
  • walking tour
  • pings to indicate where someone is
  • dvd commentary of what the artist did from their voice

The Wireframes:

The App’s design:

Color, Icons and other considerations:

Then how the look all comes together:

The color palette is the drive and key component of this App. It acts as a visual organizer for each category highlighted in the activated filters. This way you can refine your search, which can be an important tool as a Curator or just someone who might be curious of what past, present, or future of Public Art Installations close by.

Other than the aesthetics and UX Design, I specialized in the behavior of the Map View which was the main screen in which all the navigation went through. Here is an early explanation of how it would work:

[wpvideo jk6gIQfl]