iPhone Forecast App From Public Art Review

The Problem:

Finding an application that can work for Artists as much as Curators while appealing to the mass public.

What the Application asks for from the client, Public Art Review

  • facilitate public art
  • designed for applicants, for people that will use forecast to facilitate their art
  • see documentation that the artist has done, video from vimeo (interviews, slideshows, contracts for download, see process, press clippings, facsimile’s, links to articles online, etc) , photos, stored from a cloud.
  • walking tour
  • pings to indicate where someone is
  • dvd commentary of what the artist did from their voice

The Wireframes:

The App’s design:

Color, Icons and other considerations:

Then how the look all comes together:

The color palette is the drive and key component of this App. It acts as a visual organizer for each category highlighted in the activated filters. This way you can refine your search, which can be an important tool as a Curator or just someone who might be curious of what past, present, or future of Public Art Installations close by.

Other than the aesthetics and UX Design, I specialized in the behavior of the Map View which was the main screen in which all the navigation went through. Here is an early explanation of how it would work:

[wpvideo jk6gIQfl]